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Christie Bush

Originally from Rome, NY., Christie grew up in Oklahoma before moving back to the Northeast and settling back in good old Rome Sweet Rome… There she shares her love of Corgis with her husband Phil, and two crazy kids that provide an unending source of entertainment, son Evan and daughter, Andie. Christie spends her free time crocheting and binging on reality TV when she isn’t volunteering at her kids school. She brings her “Girlie” mischief and witty commentary to The Podgram every day and keeps things flowing.

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Tom Moog

From Kingston, NY originally, Tom grew up in Cary, NC. (Actually, some say that he never really grew up, he just got bigger.) He currently resides in “Hazzard County” (Cameron, NC) with his wife Melanie and “Gaggle Of Kids”, including Emily, Jennifer, Travis and Steve. Also in the family are “Poop Dog”, “Rat Dog” and “Carpet Kitty”. After over 20 years as a radio broadcaster, Tom decided that he would find a way to work from home, which is where “The Podgram” came from.

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