It's like hanging out with dysfunctional friends.
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Technology 1, Tom 0….

SO today began with Tom’s wife delivering the bad news his internet was down… and THAT began a battle with

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And finally… the moment you have all been waiting for….

So super excited for today… my pulse is racing… or maybe its all the caffeine I have had so far

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The anticipation is killing me… But I like it!

This is such a nifty place to tell you what is on my mind… but I want to know what

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How can anyone be so tired???

Howdy folks! I am sitting here behind my desk at almost 4 am, and thinking… when have I been this

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It’s feeling all offical now…

So I went to the eye doctor… Since i turned a milestone birthday not too long ago, I noticed I

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Honored and humble.

I am so pleased to accept the Co-Host job with my buddy from WAAAAAY Back… and I am going to

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