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Coming Up on Monday – 10/12

dietpantsToday, we broached weight issues. On Monday, we will be talking about various ways to shed the extra pounds. Which plan is right for you? Bypass surgery? Low carb diets? Calorie counting? We’ll give you the “ups and downs”. Monday’s show will be filled with information you don’t want to miss if you are “Battling the Bulge”.

Christie will talk about her Gastric Bypass and how it has impacted her life. Tom will tell you how he lost 100 pounds in 9 months. We’ll reveal secret to the meal purchasing programs and much more. You can also call in on the toll free studio line at (855) PODGRAM to ask questions or tell your story. Join us Monday. Listen live from 10am to 11am Eastern.

If you can’t be with us, download the show on the previous shows page of find us on iTunes – Search “The Podgram”.

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