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Customer No Service

Customer No Service

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Welcome to the Podgram! Today marks 4 years since tom quit smoking. Woohoo!

Today on the show, we talk about customer service… Good, bad or indifferent. We all have to deal with customer service reps, particularly at this time of the year when we are looking for packages to arrive for the “Big day”.

We talked about Steve Harvey’s mistake on the Miss Universe pageant. We all make mistakes though, so no need to grill him too much over it. These things – They happen!

Thanks for joining us today. Make sure to hook up with us again tomorrow morning live from 9-10 Eastern time. Call us and join the conversation! It’s toll free – (855) PODGRAM. You can also catch us on iTunes and on your favorite Android app, it listen to shows right here on the site.

Happy Monday everyone! See you tomorrow morning!

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  1. I am very glad that I could give you a good customer service experience this weekend.

    Great show!

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