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December 15 – Where Are The Terrorists

December 15 – Where Are The Terrorists

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Do you know or have you ever met someone who could be a terrorist? We bet you have. For most people, we think that couldn’t happen in their town, their community, their home… Its happening. We are under siege. If you do suspect someone is planning to do something, or is aligned with people they shouldn’t be, who do you call? We talk about it… Because we need to talk about it. Tom talks about his love of AT&T, and how he loves to pay his cell phone bill. Why do kids love snowmen so much??? Travis does… and wow does he. Just in case you don’t know Christmas is coming, Google is giving us a countdown to the second, and games Check out our Facebook page for the link and the details. Do you remember the first time you dropped a curse word? We talk all about it. Christie’s car finally has a name, and Holy Helga it’s a good one!!

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