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Dumb and Dumber – October 1, 2015

Dumb and Dumber – October 1, 2015

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McKoy, Kirk –– B581749275Z.1 HOLLYWOOD, CA., 13th DECEMBER 2011––Petri–Hawkins Byrd is one of the most familiar supporting players on daytime TV, although he sometimes says very little. Byrd, a former court baliff who has been the baliff for Judge Judy, the sharp–tongued judge who is now the top–rated personality on daytime. Byrd helps keep the peace between Judy and her combative courtroom participants. (Kirk McKoy/Los Angeles Times)

On this episode, we bash cable internet from Charter, explore schools and how bad they are getting to be, Judge Judy, wedding DJs and car fires. We’ll continue with car fires and other fun tomorrow. We ran out of time!

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