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Boobie Bashing…

I have been witness to a phenomenon in the last few years. Seeing women (and men!) rally around those women brave enough to breastfeed in public is amazing! I think it’s great that it’s finally ok to talk about it, and we’re making great strides in yanking the poles out from everyone’s uptight ass. Kudos booby baring moms! For those that CAN’T breastfeed, for one reason or another, it can be pretty devastating. It’s usually held so high on their mental picture of a nurturing mother, that it’s like a physical loss when it doesn’t work out. People, again, rally around mom, and reassure her that formula is fine! You kid won’t lose anything, and life carries on as usual. The support crawls out of the woodwork. It’s lovely, humans supporting humans. But…

What about that mom who CHOOSES not to breastfeed? Suddenly, those same supportive people change their tune. “How can you not breastfeed?! That’s so selfish of you! You don’t get the same bond, the baby’s immunity suffers, the nutrition isn’t the same…!” Wait. What? I heard the conversation you just had with the mom that couldn’t breastfeed because of *insert reason here*, and that was ok, but this mom chose not to, and all of a sudden she’s selfish, it’s not good for the baby, blah blah blah? I call bullshit! How can you hold two sets of standards like that? Who is anyone to tell anyone else how to raise their kids? Maybe that mom was abused, and her breasts were a focus for her abuser. Maybe it hurts her, physically. Maybe it weirds her out. Who cares? It’s her choice, no one else’s. I’ve lived through both of these situations, and got all of this, and more, from judgy jerks. If formula weren’t safe, millions of kids would have been malnourished, brain damaged, or dead. Get over yourselves. Take a deep breath, yank the pole out of your ass and mind your own damned business. Love it or don’t, it’s just My Humble oFINNion.

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