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Gun Control and Bullying – October 02

Gun Control and Bullying – October 02

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On today’s show…So today started with a trip around the US, with Tom’s daughter cracking us with her last minute studying… and our hearts breaking for the shooting victims in Oregon.  Tom’s got a theory on how we get to that point… and how forks don’t make you fat.  Christie has an issue with the face on Chef Boyardee and we talk about our special talents remembering movie quotes.  We talked about the hidden magic of school janitors and maintenance persons in general.

Does anyone else think school pictures are over priced?? I do!! I feel like we are being fleeced for the 10, count um’ TEN school pictures I get in a pose I most likely wont like.  So frustrating!  Which brings up a really good point… where do all the dead school pictures go when parents don’t buy them?  In the midst of all the fun we talked about today we got a shout out from an unexpected source.  Don’t worry folks… this was only a test.  I know Joaquin is making his ugly face known as a hurricane moving up the Eastern Seaboard this weekend… but we wrap up our coast to coast visit of the US in sunny Colorado, where a trip to see Mel’s sister turns damp, and frustrating.

Why is it we always try to talk about these darned car fires but run out of time before the good stuff?? That just means you will have to stay tuned to find out the rest of the story… Next time on the Podgram… We are going to finish discussing the death of the mullet Pontiac Aztek… I will share our hidden talents with cool but annoying accents and their ability to mortify my children.  My battle with the Hindu telemarketers… and SO MUCH MORE.   Thanks for listening! See ya’ll Monday!

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