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Hump day Hatefest

Hump day Hatefest

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Well, howdy doody folks.  Its weight loss Wednesday… well, for Tom it is. We had Chrissie and Kenzie with us today… Poor Kenz still doesnt know how she did on her Regents… but we have every faith she will pass with flying colors!  Tom took a trip to Not Don’s to pick up some stuff, and wound up in some political banter.  So we dove into the pool of why this country is slowly going to hell in a hand basket.  Food Stamps are not meant be traded for things not food.  That should be prosecuted.  We revisited Colin Kaepernick and an open letter from an American citizen.  We dipped out toes into the labeling pool… are you Irish American or just American?  Well, we have some opinions about that!  Twenty Nine years ago today Princess Diana the Duchess of York, died tragically in a high speed crash in Paris.  Take a minute to let that soak in… 29 years ago.  Where were you?  Christie was coming back from a concert and a very scary visit to a Super 8 Motel.  The world lost Gene Wilder since we all got together last.  He was a great Actor, and he shall be missed.  Christie has posted a clip from her favorite memory on the Podgram Facebook page so be sure to check it out!

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