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Hypocrite much!? It’s all fun and Games…

I have resorted to limiting my kid’s screen time, because if I don’t, that’s ALL they would do. Once they’re home from school, they do their homework, eat dinner, shower, and then it’s quiet time…which means screen time for them. They get an hour before bed, which isn’t much, but let’s face it; once all of that necessary stuff is done, it’s pretty late already.
So, what’s my problem? Hypocrisy. I limit them to an hour, but my nose is in the screen A LOT! Having a smart phone, iPad, and an iPod makes it entirely too easy to be connected every minute of every day. So far, the girls haven’t complained, but I can see that it’s what they’re thinking. And who can blame them?
Let me stress the fact that I think most technology is awesome. I use it to run a Tupperware business, keep in touch with family and friends that don’t live close by, and I read on the Kindle app. If the girls were doing homework (some assignments are required to be typed and printed), or even watching a little TV, I’m all good with it. We don’t allow electronics at the table or in the bathrooms because we do dinner as a family EVERY NIGHT to discuss our day. The bathroom…well…I think that one’s obvious. (There have been several phones tossed out, due to the perfect swish dunk into the toilet) If I let them have free reign during the week, I’m yelling constantly for them to get their stuff done.
*Side note: watching YouTube gamers playing a video game, to me, is INSANE! Not only do I lose my kids to the screen, I lose them to video games they don’t even own! Whoever thought this crap up is an evil genius! My kids are HOOKED. I don’t get it, and probably never will*
I know that I need to make a conscience effort to put the devices down for real face time. My kids are funny, and we need to enjoy that now, before they get their collective butts out into the real world, and they don’t want to be around their old mom. The problem is that I get lost just as much as they do: “I’m just going to peek at Facebook, and see if I have any messages” turns into 3 hours of a complete time suck hole that I can’t get out of. If I were my kids, I’d be pissed, too. I’m a huge hypocrite.
So, they get their hour to do with what they wish. I don’t have to like what they’re doing, and neither does anyone else. (It took a long time to realize that!) They’re at the age where they need to make decisions on how their time is spent without me on their asses every second to do the things I think they need to be doing. Let them explore the inter-webs. Get to know it. It IS their future, after all. Besides, it does keep them quiet…ya know…so I can scroll through Facebook without interruption…again.
Like it or don’t, it’s just my humble oFINNion…

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