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It’s Just Common Sense October 5

It’s Just Common Sense October 5

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So today’s show was pretty action packed.   We topic hopped a little, but the point stayed clear.  Guns.  Last Thursday’s shooting in Oregon has the internet buzzing about what we should do as a country and as individuals on gun control.  With this being an election year, I think this is going to be a hot point with the candidates, and what their stance is on the issue.

Now, Tom has some pretty strong opinions on the matter as does Christie… We want to know what you think as well.  Feel free to call and lend you voice during the live show to the conversation on our toll free line 1-855-PODGRAM.  Now this is going to be a topic we are on for a couple of days, maybe even the week.

As things in Oregon and other states start to settle, I see there is a warning for an unspecified school in Pennsylvania.  What is this world coming to?  Are we raising these kids, or is it mental illness?  Donald Trump seems to think so, and we have a clip from that.  Plus we have some Hillary Clinton interview clips we are going to try to get to.

Do you think this is a case or nature vs. nurture?  Are we doing our kids a great disservice by making sure every child gets a reward without having to earn it?  The “There are no winners and losers” philosophy might be raising a brand new batch of kids thinking they can do what they want with little or no consequences.  And if we do discipline them, no spanking… just stern talking to, or then we have the department of family services up our tail pipe.  Any way to slice it, this is going to be a topic of discussion you are going to have to be part of.

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