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It is all your fault!

It is all your fault!

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Tom and Christie delve into the world of entitled kids and the gimmie mentality. Tom was on facebook and found an article taking about how kids are coming to their teachers asking for extra credit. For what? What were you doing over the year to not have the grade you think you should have??? Parents give kids these days anything they want then complain about kids that whine and want want want. Well, you made it. Did you know the prime time for sexting is 10pm to 2 am… in the BATHROOM!! So watch them with their devices when you cant see them!  If you have a child with difficulties, we feel you!  Tom talks about his journey from the Transmodular unit for Indian taught specialness.  Christie tells us about a day in the life of home work with Evan. Prepare yourself for a ride of a lifetime.

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