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January 07 – Hand me that towel please

January 07 – Hand me that towel please

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Happy Thursday!! We are all excited to talk today about the joys of the US Postal Service. Why is California such a black hole of shipping death?? Do you have a celebrity crush? Christie does… and it might get her arrested! Tom is loving on Jennifer Nettles, who doesn’t? Have you ever been in the shower and realized you forgot your towel? We hate it when that happens! We got all up close and personal with the neighbors, well, former neighbors. Fear Tom-Bacca the Wookie. We dispelled some myths about vaping, and discovered carbs are E V I L . Check out the video below. Well, we are going to go grab a sausage biscuit from Hardee’s and get this day started… We will being doing the show every Tuesday and Thursday from now on… so we will catch you next Tuesday!!

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  1. Hand me the towel, was great i just finished listening to it. great job guys. love the show.

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