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Kill The Cable Snake

Cutting the Cord… We finally did it! We cut the cable cord, watch broadcast TV and use Sling for the channels we couldn’t live without! How exciting! I’m so happy we no longer have to pay out all that money for television! That was me six months ago. If I could go back in time, I would go to this moment and smack myself stupid. Is it awesome that we don’t have the astronomical cable bill? Sure! We took that money and now use it to pay our electric bill, because we couldn’t afford it before! But… I sure do miss cable. I had 200 channels with which to numb my brain enough to go to sleep, or crank up so you can listen to a show while you’re cleaning in the kitchen.

Now? I have 20 channels, which I only watch about 3. All of my favorite shows are on cable networks, and you can’t even watch free a week later. “DOWNLOAD OUR APP, AND GET FULL EPISODES WITHIN 24 HOURS!” IF you already pay for cable and have activated your account online… *sigh* So, I’d have to pay for TV anyway if I want to continue to watch those shows. No one tells you that when you make that life changing decision.

My husband is tickled that we don’t pay a huge cable bill, but he rarely watches TV. I’m home most days, and am stuck in a recliner due to my disability. TV is all I had! Well… I also have Internet access, an iPad, an iPhone and a laptop, a Kindle app and an entire library of books that I just can’t part with. With all of that, I still miss TV! I feel like I lost my best friend and have no one else to hang out with. I’m sad and lonely. Even the housework isn’t the same! I no longer have the ambition to get up and clean, because I can’t get the shower the same clean I did when the TV was blasting Mysteries at the Museum from 2 rooms away.

When did this happen to me? My addiction was never as evident as it is right now. I do the same thing on Facebook. I lose HOURS scrolling down my feed to see what everyone else is bitching about. How can I tell my girls that they’re limited in their use of their electronics, as my nose touches the screen of my iPad, while keeping up with FB politics and the next big rumor of my small town? Do I want to get cable back? Yes. Will I? No. Coming to terms with this wasn’t easy, but I think we did the right thing.

They say that admitting you have a problem is the first step to recovery. I hope it’s a fast healing…I may just go crazy in the mean time. Could you go without cable/satellite? I think that most couldn’t do it. I don’t say it to be judgy or to pretend to be better than anyone else. I simply think that the younger folks that have always had cable would have a hard time without it. The same for Internet, but let’s not get too happy. I won’t give that up so easily. You’d have to pry the iPad out of my cold dead hands…

… Just my oFINNion…

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