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November 10 – You Can’t See Me!

November 10 – You Can’t See Me!

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It’s Tuesday!! Tomorrow is Veteran’s day… and yet the war that everyone is talking about is raging right here in the U S of A…. The war on Christmas.  Thank you Starbucks for taking the spirit of the season and taking a big ol’ dump on it.  If you really want to stick it to Starbucks… go buy a coffee pot and stop at the dollar store and get you some to go cups… and dont shop there.

Now the big head shaker of the day is our trip to Dr. Phil… We ventured down the road of insanity today with a woman who intentionally blinded herself with the help of a counselor… This is mind blowing!  Everyone has issues that are silent.  Depression, ADHD, PTSD, are all silently causing someone to contemplate doing things to themselves or others, but they (hopefully) reach out and seek help for their problems.  Not put DRAINO in their eyes.

So the summary of today’s show would be, if you need help, a hand up, not a hand out.;  if you need help, ask.  Just dont expect it to be an ongoing thing.  Most people are able and willing to support someone in need, just dont be endlessly needy.  If you have someone who is sucking you dry, maybe you should consider ending that relationship.  We would love to hear your stories about todays topics or any topic you would like to share.  Thanks for listening and we look forward to hearing from you!

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