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November 11 – Happy Veteran’s Day

November 11 – Happy Veteran’s Day

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Today Tom wasn’t feeling his best… so Christie dragged him in to the show… Dougie joined us for the show and we had quite a bit to look at!! Dougie has been seeing a house in his daily route that has had Christmas lights up since November 4th!! That is an all-time record in Indy. Speaking of lights, Tom’s Dad is a bit klutzy with is lights, gotta love a train wreck. Tom and Dougie talk toys… these boys do love them some Breaking Bad toys. We talk about the amazing things that kids will watch. Like the youtube channel for Surprise Eggs. Really?! Christie the Crazy Corgi Lady had an epiphany while watching the Muppets… Rolf is half Corgi! If you have the T-shirts that Walmart sold with the Sesame Street characters honk the eyes for your dad…. We discussed the joys and evils of Helium, be careful… that is unbelievable. Would you let your 8 year old baby sit for a one year old?? Us either. Dougie had a license to ride with his friend from school… just be careful who you run with. Tom drove the bus in high school, but for some reason this gives Christie nightmares. We thank you for listening, and especially for our Veterans. We thank you for your service!

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