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November 13 – Where’s My Free Stuff?

November 13 – Where’s My Free Stuff?

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Happy odd day… its the last time this century that the date will be consecutively odd… 11/13/15.  Not again until 1/3/2105.  So we caught up with some old business and and talked about Christie being assaulted by a Cherry tree… good times.  We talked about Christie’s daughter’s letter to Santa… and how cute our little ones are.  Then we talked to Keeley and her Million Student march.  Seriously!  How is it that the 1% can pay for all of us to go to college and and puppies will fall from the sky riding on rainbows.  Just be careful of going to McDonalds… you might just only get 2 nuggets out of the deal.  Well, have a great weekend and thank you all so much for listening!

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