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NOvember 19 – Playin’ In The Snow

NOvember 19 – Playin’ In The Snow

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Good Morning!! Happy Thursday… we are one week away from the big turkey day! Tom is holding steadfast to no shave November! We talked a great deal about the truth about how we vetting the refugees in this country. Tom and Christie had a long discussion about who exactly we would and wouldn’t let in to our home. Want to defend this country?? We could just send Tom with a boat load of “Reeseter” eggs, and the would unleash a can of whoop ass like you have never seen! Have you been to Walmart lately? We have some stories that will keep you rollin’ in the aisles! However if you go with Tom, you better be prepared to Aleive him alone. HA HA! Not sure where you live, but Christie is up in snow country and Tom shares his love of the white stuff and playing in it with his truck. Have you ever been scammed by a car repair place? We have. We would love to hear about your stories… hit us p on facebook or here on the website! Have a great day!

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