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Pennies from hell…

Pennies from hell…

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Happy Monday ya’ll!  Christie is super excited to send her daughter to camp this morning… Tom is without coffee this morning… and surprisingly upbeat about it.   We sing the praises of Aldi’s products… they wont eat the good stuff, but they will eat the crap all day long.  Do you have a bloomin onion maker?? Christie does, and well, hers has never been out of the box.  We have a fun morning full of Odd News Monday… the Canadians are awful irritated with the RNC from last week… Look before you tweet people!  Tom loves it when people call to complain about the spam his site is confused with… we love stupid people!  Not to mention the poor person in Cheltenham, PA who was delivered the wrong package… it was Weed.  But the police would love to have a chat with them… If you want to take your spouse on a road trip… make sure you arent breaking any laws… especially if he is dead.  Poor Larry the Lobster… finally retiring.  He is estimated to be between 60 and 110 years old.  Good news is he is on his way to Boothbay Harbor, Maine.  We learn that Melanie is a bad ass.  Truly.  And finally, we have a story from Moore, Oklahoma where on a scorching 104 degree day… the poor lady sat on some change in her SUV and received  third degree burns to her thigh…   Now that is pennies from hell.


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