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So what’s it gonna be?

Christie here!! So as promised… here’s some of what you missed… Tom’s house is on the mend… construction is going to begin this week… we hope… So until then, I will keep you entertained in my musing on life.  Today is Halloween… and my son has a doctor’s appointment at 5:45… so no trick or treating in this house today… BUT, before i get hate letters in outrage for my child… last year we started offering them a choice… go trick or treating… walk around int he cold, come home without the candy you want…. OR~ we will let you go pick out the candy you WANT… and we stay warm.  So the daughter and son chose option two last year, and Panda asked me if the option was available for this year.  I think we have started the beginning of the end of the dressing up thing.  Wait until they find out Mommy wants to have a big people’s Halloween party next year!! Hope you all have a great night filled with lots of happy memories… and Reese’s cups.  They are my fav’s!

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