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Star Trek Christmas – Make It So.

Star Trek Christmas – Make It So.

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Thursday!!! Do you realize this time next week is CHRISTMAS EVE!! Today Tom got his geek on with the Frozen version of Let it snow, with Make it so!… then had to make us all happy with the TNG Let it snow let snow let it snow… We discovered the story behind the Elf on the shelf… and the crazy people who go all out for the kids on that one. Tom met a very nice lady with a smart phone for sale… Thanks Jennifer for listening! Christie came to terms with the aging process with a white hair on her eyebrow… oy. Have you ever had an issue in the drive thru? Tom makes sure his displeasure is known … and there might be some clean up in isle 5 needed after that. You might be able to have your Whopper your way… But when Tom doesn’t get his way, he doesn’t play well with others. We had no love for Willie today. But it did lead us to talk about how much we love our kids… and boy do we love them. Thanks for listening, and call us tomorrow with your comments.

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