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The First Of Many

Politics, the environment, child rearing, gay marriage, the legalization of marijuana… While not a complete list, by any means, these type of topics bring out the very worst in people. The internet and social media bring out the trolls who love to criticize, even if they have no idea what the hell it is they’re saying. They use meme’s as “proof of statement”, and will argue to the death about them being 100% correct…never mind that every other word is misspelled and they used THERE instead of THEY’RE. (Ugh…that’s a whole other blog!)

Go find yourself a juicy topic, or start one yourself. Next… sit back and watch those ignorant comments pop up on that post. Bring popcorn. I’m not saying people shouldn’t spout their opinion, but if you haven’t done the research or have no experience in what you’re spewing on about, shut up. Keep scrolling, especially if you’re going to criticize someone on something you know nothing about. I used to argue with these people, but it’s a pointless battle. All I ever got out of it was a stress headache and carpal tunnel. Let them spit out pointless vitriol and make total fools of themselves. Throw in a few dismissive replies, and you’ll REALLY see the smoke coming from their keyboards in their hurry to insult your intelligence, and call you names. Why? Because they don’t agree with your opinion?

My newest hobby is reading the backlash on these morons. It’s pretty comical, and I spend a lot of time giggling! Doesn’t popcorn taste that much better when you have entertainment like this?? Let me be clear here; This has nothing to do with freedom of speech and I wouldn’t ever try to take that away from anyone. By all means, go ahead and spout at the mouth for the entire world to see and hear. But how about we start being nicer? Instead of freaking out on people just trying to get through their day or putting out an opinion or different perspective on something? Chances are, they’re just having a bad few minutes or adding a different angle to the conversation and there they are… getting slammed by strangers, or worse yet, people they thought were friends.

Stop it. Be nicer. Life is hard, so let’s not make it even more difficult. You would be amazed how much your own life will change, being a little more empathetic and understanding. A good rule of thumb: If you would feel like crap getting the comment you’re about to make, delete it and start over. It’s not your job to make someone feel that way. Kindness is free, folks… give it a shot. I think you may be surprised at the return you get.

Love it or don’t… it’s Just My Humble oFINNion.

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