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The search is over…

Hey everyone… Chrissie is on assignment, so I am blogging for her today.  Every day I have  a post that pops up on my Facebook called “Look back”  and it is a summary of everything that I have posted or I have been tagged in on this day in my Facebook history.  Some days it makes me sad, I see pictures of my father who passed away a couple of years ago… and then sometimes I see pictures or comments I make that make me laugh or remember things I had long forgotten.  But today, Facebook reminded me of a post Tom made one year ago today, announcing I had become the new Co-Host of the Podgram.  I still remember the feeling I had when he called to tell me I had been selected.  I never dreamed in a million years it would be where it is today.  I feel so blessed to have spent almost a year with all of you now, bringing you our thoughts on the world, stupid news from odd corners of our country and other places.  We have been through school shootings, riots, random acts of kindness, anniversaries, birthdays, surprise phone calls, LOTS of rants about the internet services… and most of all, Laughter.  Tom’s and mine… we laugh about our lives, our spouses, our kids, and this crazy world we live in.

So until they pull the plug, or I am finally discovered by America’s Got Talent… I will be honored to entertain you every chance I get.  This coming year is going to bring all kinds of new things for myself, Tom and the show.  We have Chrissie and her column, more guests on the air and hopefully spark more debate to talk about until the music cuts us off.  Until then… Thank you for your time and your encouraging words!!




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