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When bad things happen to good people…

Why. It’s the question most asked when something bad happens. Sadly, most times, we never find the answer. It’s a bummer, but a painful reality.
My question is why, but in a different context. I ask why…do bad people seem to have minimal Karma, backlash, divine intervention, or whatever you want to call it. They cheat people, hurt them physically and/or mentally, steal, burn down houses, sometimes going as far as killing someone. Why does most of this do no harm to THEIR lives? I see people that are giving, selfless, genuinely kind, getting the shaft every time they turn around. And don’t give me the religious thing that says it’s God testing them. That’s crap. If anything, he should be making sure those folks have good lives, not scraping for everything they have, or every time they get ahead, life smacks them back down.
I know more good people than bad, thankfully. But…the bad people I know get away with so much! It hurts to see, and pisses me off for the people on the receiving end. I also get furious when good people continually get beat down. How much can these people take?!
The positive side of all this? The good folks get back up, brush themselves off, and flip the bird to any bad shit going on. They’re tough…but it makes them even more giving, having lived through it, and understanding what others are going through. All hail the good guys!
Having said this, I want to extend heartfelt sympathies to Tom, Mel and the kids. They got a raw deal, this weekend, but I know they’re tough. They’ll come back stronger than ever. Why did this happen to you? I don’t know…I wish I did. But know that we all got yer back! I hope things clear up quick, so things can get back to your version of “normal”. We love you guys!

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