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Why No…We Can’t Afford to Just Fly

Last weekend, my family drove to Chicago, to visit my sister. My husband and I take turns driving, with me taking the first shift. This means I drive the first half of this tedious 12-14 hour drive, which lands us near Cleveland, OH. I REFUSE to drive Cleveland. It’s tight turns on the highway scare the bejeebus out of me! One thing, for sure…it keeps traffic relatively slow. Sorta. Maybe. Ok, not much, but the hubs went to college there, so he doesn’t mind it. Win for me!
But let’s talk about bad habits of the interstate drivers, shall we? How about a turn signal once in awhile?! Let me know you’re going to try to take us out when you’re just moving over without fair warning, OR checking your blind spot. Please. They really do work, I promise! I might have even stayed back and let you in, if I knew that was your intention, but no. I’ll let you hit me just to teach you that lesson. Yes, I’m THAT chick!
Left laners: move the hell over! It’s called a PASSING lane for just that reason…PASSING! I can’t tell you how many people don’t understand that concept. It becomes more apparent when you’re traveling through several states in one day. Most of the interstate is only 4 lane, which means 2 lanes in either directions. If you’re running the left lane, and you aren’t passing someone, expect people to showcase their best asshole moves on you. You have no right to get angry at that point. Just. Move. OVER.
Along with no turn signals, and left laners gobbing up traffic, you have those that ride your ass so close, they know what you had for lunch the entire week prior. Because, ya know, I can go any faster with the 18 wheeler in front of me, that is governed at 65mph and trying to pass the other 18 wheeler that is doing 64.5mph. Back off, pal! I have brakes, and I’m not afraid to use them!
Last, but certainly not least, WHY is it that trucks have a 65mph speed limit, but cars have a 70mph limit?! That makes me CRAZY! I swear, this stuff makes me want to straight line Xanax!
All in all, it went relatively fast. Other than the UNBELIEVABLE amount of tolls, and my youngest finding a work around to “are we there, yet?” (“How much further, Mom?”) it was ok. We made it in one piece, sorta sane, and our pockets didn’t hurt as badly. 2 tanks of gas, a bunch of tolls, and a full cooler cost about $150. Not too bad!
Until next time, Chicago!
Love it, or don’t…it’s just my humble oFINNion.

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