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When we started doing The Podgram last week, I knew it wasn’t going to take long for a political issue to become the topic of the show. The truth be told, the original purpose of the show was to give a daily dose of common sense. Most who will listen to these shows will have “Common Sense” in spades, but there are those who don’t seem to “get it” when “it” is staring them in the face.

This weekend while scrolling through my facebook feed, I saw many postings that were sparked from the shootings in Oregon last week. Every time some Entitles, Spoiled person who was brought up in a family with a blatant lack of self-respect, direction and discipline goes out and shoots up a public place, the internet and media roars with the liberal “Anti-gun-laws” that they want so desperately to force down the throats of every American.

It is undisputed that the most heinous of all crimes are those which involve children, and yet, those who are barking the loudest about gun control are the same ones that are fighting for the rights of mothers to kill their children. Yes, I am talking about abortion.

It seems that these people who think that it is okay to kill children think it is also A-Okay to dictate what rights others may have based on the fear that someone may lose their life from the inappropriate use of that right. They are afraid of guns because someone could get killed… and they could. However, their fear is unfounded and grossly misappropriated.

The glaring fact that shows through the smoke and mirrors is that these people are able to shift their beliefs and convictions in order for those beliefs to fit their circumstances or agenda. Is this not the most basic requirement that must be met in order to qualify as a hypocrite?

Here is another fun idea… “Let’s get rid of guns altogether.” Sounds great in theory (not really) but how would a people ever even get started on such an undertaking? Will the criminals comply and drop their illegal firearms into a barrel in town square? EVEN IF THEY DID (and isn’t THAT a massive stretch) Do you not realize that people are making their own guns with 3D printers? That’s right. You can make all of the pieces that you need to make a fully functional assault rifle that will fire over 100 shots before it breaks.

More impressive is that Google, (The all knowing oracle) will guide you straight to the instructions on how to make your very own illegal assault rifle with a $300.00 3D printer that you can also purchase online. But what are you Liberals complaining about? You think that it is perfectly okay to kill defenseless children at your whim because like always, you made a bad choice and do not want to deal with the consequences. Who the Hell are you pointing YOUR guilty fingers at? It makes no difference what weapon is used. Killing is killing.

Join us Monday morning on the Podgram and lets have a discussion about this. We want to know what you think! Call us during the show on the toll free Studio Line at (855) PODGRAM. It makes no difference which “side” you are on. We want to talk to you about it. I would LOVE to debate with someone who thinks that one type of killing is okay but another is not.

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